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post-processing webinar

See Your Photography Vision – Post-Processing Webinar Replay

| Post Processing, SJP's News and Updates | No Comments
Remove Frustrations of Post-Processing WEBINAR Replay For a short time, I'll have the replay of my webinar available so it can help you while you post-process. So let's focus on...
macro photography, live chat show

Macro Live Chat Show #32 – Creative Shooting and Tools

| Macro Photo Chat Live Show | No Comments
Macro Live Chat Show #32 - Creative Macro Shooting and Tools Time Stamps and Links Time Stamp: 02:32 - Welcome and bit about the show. 03:49 - Our Sponsor 04:38...
2018 inspiration

Sharing my Year of Thanks to Inspire You

| SJP's News and Updates | No Comments

Sharing my Year of Thanks to Inspire You Today is Thanksgiving, and it’s a time for sharing my year of thanks to inspire you. I want to first thank you…

Macro Live Chat Show – 31 Cropping

| Macro Photo Chat Live Show | No Comments
Macro Live Chat Show #31 - Cropping Time Stamps and Links Time Stamp: 05:02 - SJP Membership Sponsor 08:00 - Live Free Webinar 10:05 - Rik Littleton's Stack links below...

Stop and take time to learn Macro & Landscape Photography.

Photography Coach

Janice really enjoys working with people who want to push their photography with the camera and/or push their post-processing skills.  You can work with her by joining her membership program or if you want more one-on-one Join her mentorship group.

Video Tutorials

Learn a variety of ways to work on your images and make them pop. Janice makes detailed video tutorials for photographers to help them get up close and personal with their camera! Subscribe to her channel here.


Do you feel like you’re in a rut and just don’t know what to photograph?  Read Janice’s inspirational tips to help you think about a variety of subjects and photography techniques. Subscribe  below and receive emails every other week.

Macro & Close-up Photography Live Show

You can watch and chat live on her show that focuses on all types of close-up photography. You can watch the show on her Youtube Channel and Facebook page.

Macro Photography

This is Janice’s specialty. In studio or outdoors you’ll learn it all! Let’s head out to Macro & Closeup Photography land. 

Landscape Photography

Janice and Kevin love to hike. This is their favorite thing to do together. See where she’s been to inspire you to get outside and photograph.

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