“A place where we help you set and complete your goals!”

 Janice’s calling is to help other photographers that have the Squirrel Syndrome.

What is this syndrome?  Well, it’s a real problem for many of us that love to photograph, but are stagnant because we’re not sure what we want next with our work. So you go from here to there to find your ‘big picture’, but it’s a waste of time if you’re not on the correct path.

Macro and Landscape

Video tips and 2 bonuses to keep you organized!

In this amazing (and free) training you’ll learn strategies that’ll give you the courage and confidence to create photography and a life you love to share.

Your 1000 words DOES make a difference!

Check out the links in the boxes below, learn something new, be inspired and be motivated to move forward with goals setting. This website is a place for Macro and Landscape photographers.  The questions I receive from you are answered here.


Janice really enjoys working with people who want to push their photography with the camera and/or push their post-processing skills.  If you need accountability you can work with her by joining her membership program.


This is Janice’s specialty. In studio or outdoors you’ll learn it all! Let’s head out to Macro & Closeup Photography land. 


Janice and Kevin love to hike. This is their favorite thing to do together. See where she’s been to inspire you to get outside and photograph.


Learn a variety of ways to work on your images and make them pop. Janice makes detailed video tutorials for photographers to help them get up close and personal with their camera! Subscribe to her channel here.

Macro Live
Chat Show

You can watch and chat live on her show that focuses on all types of close-up photography. Her guests are the best Macro photographers around the world!  This is a fun interactive show where you will be inspired to pick up your camera and photograph anything closeup!


Do you feel like you’re in a rut and just don’t know what to photograph?  Read Janice’s inspirational tips to help you think about a variety of subjects and photography techniques. Subscribe here and receive emails every week.

You're very special because you really care, you really know your stuff and you're very good at what you do! Learning might be one of the biggest privileges/gifts in life. Having someone (this is you) helping one to learn is perhaps the most valuable thing you could possibly do for me. These are not empty words!


Thank you, Janice, for all your help, you are such an inspiration. Love your images and how you always share your knowledge with us, and of course your always smiling face. My photography has evolved greatly after knowing you.

Siri Brændshøi

Janice Sullivan did a tremendous job helping improve my skills as a photographer. She is a great motivator!! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their photography skills!

Allan Guzak

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