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it doesn’t have to feel dark and dreary!

There's a variety of ways we can help you with your photography goals. See below to find out what you're looking for.

Make World Class Photography
Get to where you want to be faster than doing it alone!

This is the heart ❤️ of what we do and we’re proud of it 🙌 

We have helped thousands of Landscape, Nature, and Macro photographers who are ready to work on professional-level work and professionals focus on a new portfolio to level up their clientele. 📸 💖🤗

It’s time for you to do what you’re meant to do… we help you do this faster than doing it alone!




To start you off we’ll give you for FREE, “The Photo Creative Blueprint with a Bonus Toolkit” plus…

📸 Updates on our YouTube Channel so you’ll be motivated to pick up your camera and get up close and personal with your subjects

🌎 Grab tips and tricks so you can make world-class images that you’re proud to share with the world

🖼 Janice’s will share with you her new work so you can see tips that will help you tell your story

💯 You’ll receive our latest sales and promotions first this way you don’t miss out

💌 We give you Insider Information that we just don’t give out to the public

Free Videos
I answer your questions on YouTube...

Janice Sullivan… Sullivan J Photo channel, is a place for Landscape, Nature, and Macro photographers… she will help you break the barriers of conformity and push you, just a tad so you can make 2 – 3x more than what you’re making from you photography now…. why? Because your 1000 words DOES make a difference!

Have a question you need help with and just don’t see it on her feed? Submit your question(s) and maybe she’ll make a video just for you. 🙂


Free Tutorials and Tips
Need some free help?

We have a lot of great information on this website and it’s all for you for free!  Click the magnifying glass  🔍 on the top-right of our site and search for your questions…

If you don’t find what you’re looking for let us know.

Contact us here and we may make a blog post just for you 🙂

Having problems?  Just send us an email at and we’ll get back to you asap.

Calling all Landscape, Nature and Macro Photographers
You're invited to our Free Facebook group!
Dive into your Photo Zone and be adventurous, sharing what you’ve learned, asking for feedback, completing tasks & more! This is what a we do to express ourselves to build confidence in what YOU love to photograph… 🙂
🥳 Celebrate the AdventurerWins
🙋‍♀️ Ask your burning questions
🤓 Give you feedback and tips on the work you’re doing
👫 Create friendships
🤩 Access resources from Janice Sullivan
💪 Get stuff DONE!

This is a place to support, encourage and learn from other photographers. Keep it positive, helpful, and respectful. This isn’t a place to vent, rage, share emotional issues, or complain 🙂

Let’s enjoy this space, encourage each other, band together, and be successful doing what we love!

Your turn to make a move.

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