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Company Values - We are:


We are passionate, dedicated photographers, free from conformity and willing to take chances with our work.


We choose to break out of our comfort zone and bad habits to explore new ways of photographing and post-processing.


With planning, skills learned, we'll create world-class photographs that will inspire others around us.


We take the steps to tell our 1000 words because our images do make a difference.

Words to live by

It’s time NOW to create confidence.

It’s time NOW to be clear with YOUR creative process.

It’s time NOW to create photography that YOU love.

The Creative Mentorship Program

“I truly believe I could not have accomplished my goals and my dreams without being part of this mentorship program. The program has given me the confidence and the motivation and support to move forward in my photography.”

Deborah StevensonFine Art Botanical Photographer

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“Janice knows exactly what she is talking about, knows how to explain herself and really does push you to improve and break that comfort zone to pieces!”

Elise CotterIrish Photographer

“I have discovered that I CAN take my own professional product photos. She is incredibly positive and offers helpful critiques, tips, and tutorials to get us where we want to be.”

Julie MillerOwner of Little Girls Pearls

“Janice has helped me approach and understand difficult techniques and has given me tips to improve my macro photography.”

Jamuna BarryFine Art Photographer