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janice sullivan owner of sjp

Hi!  I’m Janice Sullivan from Southern California and I am a Macro and Landscape photographer that loves to help other photographers think out of the box and challenge themselves and to be accountable for their goals.

I know how it feels to be stagnant with my work, to want more for my photography.   Been there done that!

So I created the SJP membership program with my daughter Ashley for those of you who want to push further with your skills and to tell your story to the world. We want to help you remove the crappy feeling, where the inner critic is saying that you’re a terrible photographer because you’re not!  We want you to pick up your camera again with excitement and to “see” differently.

Our membership program breaks the barriers of conformity and pushes you outside your comfort zone. We help photographers who are all over the place…that needs accountability to move forward with their photography. We do this with our Photographer’s Road Map and live calls.  We also have courses for you if you’re not ready to really dive into a program and we have a bunch of freebie tips and tutorials in our blog.

I have worked with magazines, art buyers, interior designers, and licensed images to the hospitality industry & art printing companies. My work is on EnLive Smart TV app on Google TV, Samsung Smart Hub, Yahoo TV and ROKU devices available to 91 million Internet streaming devices.  I have taught at Curious.com and was a Master Photographer at The Arcanum mentoring fine art macro and landscape photographers.  I have also been in photography art shows and through all of this I know how hard it is to be noticed within the sea of other photographers out there,  but if I can do it…so can you!  It’s all about sharing your 1000 words to the people that want to listen.

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Have a great day!


We focus on helping Macro and Landscape Photographers push their creations and be accountable.  Are you a squirrel…all over the place?  If so, we’ll help you focus to learn, create and share your work to the world!

Our membership program is our gem click here for more info!

We’re crazy passionate about what we do!

  We’re excited to share with you the people that are the backbone of Sullivan J Photography.

janice sullivan

Janice Sullivan

Mom / Owner - Photographer

Janice Sullivan is a Fine Art Photographer specializing in Macro & Landscape Photography. Janice graduated from University of La Verne with a BA in Art, emphasis in Photography. When Janice isn’t taking pictures, she is in her membership program working with other photographers who want to express themselves with their photography. She also loves to hike and camp with her husband and shares the fun on her YouTube channel to inspire others to get out and photograph!

Ashley Sullivan

Ashley Sullivan

Daughter / Co-owner

Ashley Sullivan is the Operations Manager. You can reach her at [email protected] Ashley graduated from University of La Verne with B.S. in International Business. She enjoys working on the business side of Sullivan J Photography. Ashley also loves to travel, read, and take care of her twin boys. Her favorite place to visit is France and yep she speaks French.

pam aggers copy editor of sjp

Pam Aggers

Copy Editor

Pam Aggers is our Copy Editor. Her passions in life are her hubby of 47 1/2 years, their 2 children & 4 grandchildren, reading, collecting rocks, and her homemade southern style iced tea 🙂 She loves to proofread/edit and can spot a misspelled word or grammatical error in an instant. It seems like a game to her. When you see any mistakes on this site, it's probably because we did it on purpose.

Square pic of Jaymes Dempsey freelance writer for sullivan j photography

Jaymes Dempsey

Freelance Writer and Photographer

Jaymes Dempsey is a macro photographer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He's been doing photography since he was fifteen years old, and he absolutely loves exploring nature. Jaymes is also passionate about helping others learn macro and nature photography, and he's always excited to teach new techniques! To see more of Jaymes's work, take a look at his website!

Emily Lutz marketing manager for SJP

Emily Lutz

Marketing Manager - Freelance

Emily Lutz is the founder of Blue Pegasus Media which helps small businesses handle marketing tasks that they might not have the time or expertise to manage on their own – for example social media management, email marketing, content creation, graphic design, etc.

Originally from NY state (not NYC), Emily received a BS in Marketing from Liberty University in Virginia, and then moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she attended Edinburgh Napier University and received a Masters in International Business Management. Before owning her own business she spent 15 years working in destination marketing in Texas and Oklahoma. She now lives in Southport, NC. She loves dogs (and cats), the beach, reading, and is a self-proclaimed geek.

claudia gonzalez

Claudia Hernandez

Workshop and Video Courses Editor - Freelance

Claudia Gonzalez is the workshop video editor. Her passions are film, video productions, and of course, editing. She graduated from the University of La Verne with a minor in Television Broadcasting.
When she's not working on a video project she likes to travel, be around nature, meet up with friends, and is always looking for the next adventure.


 We know…everyone says you should focus on your Niche and we get it BUT we’re different.

We will push you OUT of the comfort zone! 

Let’s break the habits and explore new ways to pull that creativity right out of you.


Now if you’re interested in improving your portfolio Janice can help you!  Being an Art Major wasn’t easy… it taught her a hell of a lot when it comes to your Artist Statement.

Who Is Janice Sullivan?  Check out the video below and find out.

We donate some of our profits to Sierra Club.  Our world will live if we take care of it! Help Us!