Your Big Picture Live Webinar

Let’s remove the Squirrel and work on Your Big Picture

Wednesday, February, 26th at 4:00PM PST

So excited to announce that I’m having a free webniar to help Macro and Landscape photographers remove the Squirrel Syndrome.  What is this syndrome?  Well, it’s a real problem for many of us that love to photograph but are stagnent because we’re not sure what we want next with our work.

Yes, I have it!  BUT, I’ve been through therapy and now control it, lol!  Ok, I didn’t pay for therapy, but I do know how to control it.  It’s a habit that is hard to kill, BUT you can do it with some help.

I am not going to promise you that you’re going to make millions on your work.  I am going to promise you that if you attend this webinar you WILL accomplish your goals that will move you forward to your Big Picture!  I have set hard goals and have checked them off my list.

I’m not trying to brag —  I just want you to see that I’m a squirrel, but when I really focus on a goal I go for it!

I’m here to help you.  It’s the best feeling to work with photographers that really want to push and complete goals but need some help because they’re stuck.  Been there, done that and I DO NOT want you to feel frustrated and uncertain about what to do next.

It’s work because habbits are hard to break but YOU CAN DO THIS!

What You’re Going To Learn In This Webinar

How to get to your Big Picture

We’ll figure out where you’re at within a photography roadmap so you can work on your true goal that is needed to get you closer to your “Big Picture”, which is what you want from your photography.

Your Understand Midfulness 

Next, we will dive into your mind and ways to focus on your Big Picture.

Making Time 

To complete your goal so we will set up your steps to have you focus your time on the goal, so you’re not wasting time.

The Squirrel Syndrome

Many photographers have this syndrome.  They are all over the place… taking new new classes, buying new equipment, hoping that this will help them move forward.  If this is you… you’ll love this topic.

Why You Must Move Forward

We’ll go over the reasons why you must move forward with your Big Picture.

Your 1000 words

Janice will share how our roadmap will give you the tools you need to complete your objective, yes… your Big Picture!

Live Q & A

We’ll have a live Q&A where you can ask question and get help ASAP!

You'll Receive a FREE PDF

to help you organize your photography goals to make sure you complete them.

The Squirrel syndrom is real! Your free PDF will help you find, organize and complete YOUR goal.

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Janice Sullivan

It’s my mission to help you tell your photo story by pushing you out of your comfort zone and helping you be accountable.

A bit about me…

Hi!  I’m Janice Sullivan and I am a Macro and Landscape photographer that loves to help others think out of the box and challenge themselves.

I know how it feels to be stagnant with my work,  to want more from my photography. Been there. Done that!

So I created the SJP membership for those who want to push their skills and tell their story to the world. I want to help you step out of the box, so you’re not stagnant, and help you continue creating and really focus on expressing yourself.  

I have worked with magazines, art buyers, interior designers, and licensed images to the hospitality industry & art printing companies. My work is on EnLive Smart TV app on Google TV, Samsung Smart Hub, Yahoo TV and ROKU devices available to 91 million Internet streaming devices.  I have taught at and I am Master Photographer at The Arcanum mentoring fine art macro and landscape photographers.  I have been in photography art shows and, through all of this, I know how hard it is to be noticed within the sea of other photographers out there,  but if I can do it…so can you!

So let’s rock it together!

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Your Big Picture

Time to really focus on what you want with your photography.