I’ve been wanting to write an article for a while, but have been so busy with my new course on Adobe Lightroom, I haven’t had much time (I will announce more about the course later).

Instead of an article, I thought I’d write a longer blog post about why I like macro photography and try to inspire you to try this style. If you’re already photographing Macro, I’ll try to help you think about stepping out of the box a bit.

I’m not going to write about technical aspects of this style of photographing, you can read that here.

Basically, you will take an up-close picture of your subject. The best way to do this is to purchase a Macro Lens; this is my favorite Lens. You’ll need to get up close to the subject and as you do this, you will notice that you have shallow depth-of-field (less of the subject will be in focus). You will probably want a tripod or bean bag to help you stay in focus. You will also need to be patient.

When photographing these bubbles I had to play with lighting and mixing up the bubbles until I got what a wanted. The first time you look at your subject where do your eyes go? Start from there. This is what’s important. Next play with your compositions. The rule of thirds is good, but don’t think you have to always follow the rules. Move your camera around and try to put your focal point in a variety of locations within your frame.

Black background to enhance the bubbles in he soap.

Soap Bottle

Black background to enhance the bubbles in he soap.

1/30 @f9 ISO 250 with studio flash


When you begin to photograph up close you’ll see all the dust, scratches and imperfections so patients again will be needed to remove all of that. You can pay for someone to clean up your images. I’ve never paid but I have thought about it from time to time. I use to say, “make sure your subject is always in focus”.  I believe that this is true for many photographs but not all Macro shots have to be in focus.  If you want the feel of motion go for it. It’s your art!

Liquid on top of despenser.

Cellulite cream – Nope it doesn’t work!

Liquid on top of despenser.

1/13 @ f/10 ISO 250 with strobe lights.

3 Yellow Poppies

Wild Yellow Poppies

Here is a classic Macro shot. A bug on a flower. I love this style of Macro photography that allows you to see what you’re eyes normally wouldn’t. It’s amazing and gratifying. Look at the pollen on this guy, so cool! Again, you will need patience, especially if you plan to photograph outside. The wind can be a problem, so bring a reflector or something you can use to help minimize the wind. I like reflectors and defusers because if the sun is harsh you can calm it down a bit with them.


1/2000 @ f4 ISO 100

You may have seen my Macro Lens paintings. Try taking your Macro lens and doing something different and creative. I have so much fun with color and motion blur with flowers, but it doesn’t have to be flowers. What can you do with your lens?

4.0 @ f32 ISO 160


Why do I like Macro Photography? I don’t like it, I love it! It’s a unique world of photography and I want to show you how cool it is. Taking the time to photograph using Macro makes me happy and I hope you take the time for a moment to see that up-close view of your world.

It’s hard to really see beautiful macro photographs on a blog site, but when you know you have a great amazing beautiful image, print it. I promise it will make you smile every time you view it. Most of my images are printed as 24″ x 36″ and you really can feel what I was going for when I created the image. It’s an awesome feeling to see and hold a macro photograph up close.

Happy Macro photographing!

Janice Sullivan

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