Using Textures to Help Your Images

Please don’t toss that image that isn’t quite in focus or if you don’t like the color palette. Don’t toss your work even if you feel it’s a crap shot and nothing can become of it. Using Textures can help correct your images and it will put a smile on your face again.  🙂

I have had a lot of work where I just think the shot is terrible. Yes, I strive for perfection, but sometimes it just isn’t working. If I like the subject of my photo then I have fun with it in post process and add textures for a creative punch! For example, I shot this image below for my Macro Stacking tutorials on YouTube. Here is the before and here is the after. If you saw my last blog post, “100 Badass Women Entrepreneurs”, then you’ve seen this image.

I shot this quickly and to tell you the truth, I knew it wasn’t going to be perfect, but I had a plan to play with it. I did used a texture called, “Webbed Rocks”.  Yes, the texture pack is almost done! You’ll see that in February. 😉

A bit of stem focus

Focus on Front


Merged Image with my texture and process fun!


So today’s quick inspiration is to NOT toss your work! Play with textures! If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll receive some of my free textures and a quick tutorial on how to use them.

I hope you have an awesome week playing with your photographs! If you have any fun images with textures, share the links below in the comment sections so we can enjoy them.


Janice Sullivan

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