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AFS Inner circle photography membership

begin your photography journey the AFS Inner Circle program.

Getting you Started

If you're a Macro and/or Landscape photographer then this is for you!

Exceptional Quality

Next, you'll dive into the program with a roadmap to move you quickly to your Big Picture. You get free access to all Janice's workshops and we build a monthly challenge to complement the workshop. You'll also be able to join Janice on a live call twice a month to ask questions with her and the other inner circle members.


Master Class Projects

kick start your photography


If you’ve got a photography idea you want to turn into reality (or a current photography goal you’re ready to relaunch the right way), there is a formula.
In the Kickstart Project, you’ll learn the step-by-step strategies to avoid the overwhelming feeling and fear that holds many photographers back from creating the photographs and/or business they set out to create…FAST.
You’ll learn how we keep things very simple and learn the next step you need to take to build momentum and get runs on the board as a Macro and/or Landscape photographer. From defining your ‘why’ to accessing our Adventurer Toolkit, to understanding your specific goals intimately, you’ll walk step-by-step through the simple roadmap to getting your idea off the ground.

To join Janice inside The Kickstart Project, click below now.

master photography tools


If you are wishing you had more time to spend photographing or more time post-processing your work then, the Master Your Tools is for you!

The exact tools and strategies that are taught in this course are the ones that helped Janice grow selling work for thousands of dollars and being featured in top photography magazines around the world… all while working on other fun photography projects! Wouldn’t that be nice?! ?

You don’t have to be tech-savvy or have a huge budget either… In fact, Janice goes through her top tools for Macro and Landscape photographing and walks you through each step so you get these systems up and running no matter how much of a technophobe you are! ?

To join Janice inside the Mastering Tools Project and to have more time back in your photographic lifestyle, click here to join!

finding your artistic photography voice


If you’re struggling to break through mindset roadblocks and your photography is suffering… there is a solution. Hit the ground running and clear those barriers so your photography can thrive!

In the Finding Your Artistic Voice Project, you’ll master the systems and strategies Janice used to build professional photography business FROM SCRATCH. Learn the cold, hard truth about fear, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

In this 8 week, online training program, Janice will walk you through why you’ve been struggling to see the results you want in your photography. From shutting-down subconscious negative thought to unraveling your hidden belief system, you will find what’s really holding you back. You’ll FINALLY understand what’s stopping you from reaching your goals and achieving recognition images.

To join Janice inside The Finding Your Artistic Voice Project, click below now.

building brand for photographers


Are you ready to move away from making work but nobody knows who you are? Want to see real progress in getting your work off the ground? The secret lies with the relationships you build with the people and or companies that love your work, and HOW you build those relationships.

There is a way to make a far deeper impact with your message… and develop stronger relationships with potential clients in just a few days. In the Building Your Brand Project you’ll learn how to plan, launch, and fill your cart with buyers. And the best part is; you can do it even if you’ve never made a sale or won an award.

The Building Your Brand Project is an online, step-by-step training program with six incredible modules. Janice will take you through the exact steps and system she used to generate thousands of dollars for one image. From planning your website to connecting with Social Media to grab your DREAM clients. You can hit the ground running, and speed towards launching your very own successful Brand that it only yours!

To get all these goodies, join Janice inside The Building Your Band Project. Click below now.


Adventurous Workshops

post production double exposure

Adventurous Workshop DOUBLE EXPOSURE in POST.

It’s time for you to play in post-production…

Intermediate Workshop


Equipment/tools to have during the workshop:
  1. Software that has layers and masks
  2. Two images – suggestion is to have one that isn’t a busy image
Ideas for you:
  1. It good to have a theme like flowers, kitchen utensils, hands and face, etc…

It will be a fun time to dive into what YOU want to make while you merge 2 images together.

backlighting fruit

Adventurous Workshop

Backlighting Fruit Shoot

Coming soon

It’s time to have some fun photographing fruit with backlights …

More info coming soon …


Some Equipment/tool Ideas to have during the workshop:
  1. Coming Soon

We will dive into:

  1. Coming Soon

It will be a fun time to dive into Photograping fruit so grab some of your favorite and let’s photograph them.

macro narrative

Adventurous Workshop MACRO NARRATIVE SHOOT

Coming Soon

We will evaluate photograph a narrative subject Macro style, shoot live together to tell a short story.

Some Equipment/tool Ideas to have during the workshop:
  1. Coming Soon


It will be a fun time to dive into Short Macro stories as we photograph them together. 

2021 photography goal setting

Adventurous Workshop SETTING YOUR 2021 GOALS

What do you want to complete in 2021?  Let’s work together to work on YOUR Big Picture…


Equipment/tools to have during the workshop:
  1. Look out for your PDF download the day before your workshop
  2. Have a calendar – digital or non-digital this is an important tool you’ll need.
  3. Be ready to dive in and do the work with me… it’s time to be adventurous and figure out what you want to achieve for 2021!
  4. You must have the drive to move your photography journey to the next level so you can accomplish your goals.
Ideas for you:
  1. Master a way of photographing
  2. Work on post-production details to tell your story
  3. Complete a portfolio of work
  4. Make a website to show work
  5. Start a business

It will be a fun time to dive into what YOU want from your photography so grab a pen and my PDF it’s time to work on your 2021 journey live to get things done.

evaluating your photography for post-production workshop

Adventurous Workshop

Evaluating Your Images for Post-Processing

February 19th @ 12:30 pm PST

It’s time to really look at what you want to make after you’ve shot your work…

Let’s push your comfort zone to be productive, no squirreling around …

In this workshop, you’ll pick 3 images of your own and we will post-process them together.  

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

It’s time to work on evaluating your work for Post-Processing.

Some Equipment/tool Ideas to have during the workshop:
  1. Post-Processing Software that you’re comfortable with.
  2. A variety of RAW images that you would like to work on together.
  3. PDF download we’ll give you the day before your workshop.
  4. You must be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone.
  5. You should have some basic post-processing knowledge for this workshop.

We will dive into:

  1. Ways to think about post-production processing work
  2. For Landscape and Macro photographing
  3. We will discuss what you want from the work… what feeling are you going for?

It will be a fun time to dive into Post-Production so grab some images and meet me live to process them.

photographing flowers indoors workshop

Adventurous Workshop Photographing Flowers Indoors

March 21st 12:30 pm PST

Tulips – Daffodils preferred, or bring your favorite flower.

We will evaluate your flower together, shoot live together, and then do some basic post-processing work together.

Some Equipment/tool Ideas to have during the workshop:
  1. Lights; Pull out whatever you have;
    • flashlight
    • Lamp
    • Strobe, etc.
  2. A variety of flowers, whatever you can find or buy.
  3. Tripod if you have low light.
  4. Spray bottle to make water drops (if you want).
  5. A variety of Vases if you want to make a still life.
  6. Plexiglass for reflections.
Ideas for you: Inferred / Black & White / Lens babies

We will dive into:

  1. Ways to photograph them
  2. For Macro photographing
  3. We will shoot together and do some light processing.

It will be a fun time to dive into Flowers to photograph indoors so grab some of your favorite flowers and meet me live to photograph them.


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