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yellow orchid for sale on thirty9Orchids are so beautiful! I have tried so many times to keep my orchids alive and to no avail, they seem to wither and die.  I’ve tried where you put an ice cube in the dirt each week to give them water, I do my best to keep them in a more humid location in my home and nope, after a while, they are gone.

These 3 orchids were given to me and were absolutely beautiful, yes I said were 🙁  I knew I had to capture their life because the inevitable was going to happen. I planned a workshop on painting with light for the members in our membership program, so I decided to use these beautiful flowers as my subject. I put the flowers in the dark so the only light that would be on these flowers would be my flashlight.

I began to paint them with light…I played a couple of times so I could get the exposure to be perfect… I had a lot of fun because it was a challenge!

I really love this composition because, for me, the flowers reminded me of a young family.  Dad and mom together and their child trying to get away to explore life… but there is mom holding back the child a bit, saying come back, you’re not ready to leave… just yet.

sample of janice sullivans orchid of life image for purchase

“Splashes of vivid pink stand out in this watercolor reflection, perfect beauty captured forever.”

“Splashes of vivid pink stand out in this watercolor reflection, perfect beauty captured forever.”  And that’s what I HAD to do because soon they would be gone…

This image is available for purchase HERE.  Know that when you buy one of my pieces, you’ll have purchased top quality from print to package and the work I put into this for you to enjoy.

I would love to see the work in your home, office, etc… please feel free to email or comment below so I can send you a special gift.

To life!


Janice Sullivan


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