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This is the time for us Americans to be thankful for what we have and all that we’ve worked for. I’m not going to get into politics, that’s not my gig, but I will share my thanks for living in a free country, everything that I have, and to always cherish every minute of my life.  This will be more about images than words, but as you know, a picture says a thousand words 😉

Christmas with family!  Uncle Gary, Aunt Marian, Uncle Ray & Aunt Kay treats us to awesome fun and cheer!

Poor Aunt Kay got cut off 🙁

My chocolate poodle – a true companion where ever I am. Love that dog!

So thankful to be a grandma! Here are all my grandsons!

Yep, my daughter-in-law is giving me another one 🙂

Did you all know I LOVE the iPhone pano feature? My friend Sharlea does 😉

Friends Sharlea and Lisa – Thanks friends for hanging out with me. 

I’m thankful for Pam and Mike spoiling us every time we come out to visit. Love you guys!

Kevin and Mike

Thankful for my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and nieces. Yep, poor Matthew…teenager with a crazy family. 🙂

Thankful for my children. Jacinda & Neil with twins.

And Thankful for my hubby, soul mate, and Sherpa 😉

I am also very thankful to Susan…who makes me sound much better as you read this. She’s our editor and amazing friend! Thanks Susan for all that you do for SJP!

And Ashley (my daughter)! She takes care of all of our image business and much more. Thanks Ash!


You girls rock!


Thanks to my apprentices that keep me going and all of you who actually took the time to read this. 🙂

I have amazing friends and family and I DO appreciate all of you!


Cheers to giving thanks!

Janice Sullivan

Next week there will be no blog post since I’ll be giving thanks to life with my sister and her family.  🙂

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