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Let’s make money photographers!

Let’s debunk 7 commonly given tips and advice to start making money from your Macro, Nature, and Landscape photography.

I was so flustered when I read a blog that gave really bad advice 😤

These are must-know info so you can start selling your photography work successfully!

I’m here to help YOU, Landscape, Nature, and Macro Photographers take photos that have clients happily paying 2x-3x more and have your clients waiting for your next image to be made.

I’ve made thousands of dollars from my photography work with a saturated world of photography. I’m saying this not to brag but to share with you that I know what I’m talking about.

So let’s work on these 7 Tips To Start Making Money From Your Photography, you CAN do this!


Janice Sullivan,
Pro Photographer & Coach
The Creative Method Program ®


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