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Today is the first post of the stories that I will share with you on the photographs that are available for purchase on Thirty9.   I’m honored to share with you the awesome journey of the value of my Indian Ruin. First, you should know that Kevin and I LOVE Sedona, Arizona because it’s a place where we can unwind.  We enjoy hiking and I take many pictures of our journies. As we were hiking we met an 80-year-old man hiking by himself.  He was in shape, but we were worried because he didn’t have a cell phone or water.  It was winter and some of the trails were pretty slippery.  So we stayed with him as we went up the mountain.  At the top we took a break and had a snack, then all three of us headed back down.

He told us that he was so grateful to have us with him that he wanted to share a hidden secret that only locals know about.

So he showed us a hidden trail of an old Native American ruin he had found on a previous trip. It was a crazy hike up the hill and was a tad hairy at times, but it was so worth it. I took some shots but really didn’t like what I got, but the second time we visited Sedona, we were prepared for the hike.

Kevin and I sat there enjoying our accomplishment of finding it a second time. The trail was hard to find.  As we sat there understanding the value of the history of these Indians, I set up my tripod and decided to make an HDR (high dynamic range) panorama.

Below is the pano stitch before I processed it.

indian ruin before

Before: Pano stitch

This is the completed image.  It amazes me that these ruins are thousands of years old and are still around.  It felt good to be one with them so many years in their future.  I am honored to make this piece and thankful for the gentleman that we met for that one day.

He will always be special in our memories, as well as this historical ruin.

Indian Ruin Completed

Each of my images has awesome stories, but I have to say that I’m happy to start off with the story of this image.  I hope that my work resonates with others as much as I feel about seeing the history in these rocks.

To purchase this piece, click here and know that you’ll have a top quality piece of history and the journey with a wonderful man understanding the value of kindness.

Have questions?  Ask below 😉


Janice Sullivan

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