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A rippling pool blends shades of green while plump succulents softly fill the sky.

succulent for sale on thirty9

Succulent Flood for sale on Thirty 9.

Water IS life, if it’s gone, we’re gone.  I think of life and death a lot, maybe because I’m older now? Or maybe because I have young grandchildren and hope they have a wonderful life!  I do think a lot about our planet and how we all live on this rock together.  Some take what they have for granted and some take care of what they have.

With this succulent piece, I thought about adaptation.  A succulent absorbs water knowing that there may not be water again for a while.  They have adapted to the desert and they are beautiful!

Living in Southern California has taught me to respect the water and adapt to our climate just like the succulent.  For you, this may be pools of beautiful greens (which it is), but for me, it’s about living and adapting to life.

Enjoy it as much as you can and help make this world a better place for our young.  This image is for sale on Thirty9.  Know that when you purchase one of my images here you’ll have top quality and a guarantee that you’ll be happy with, also you’ll help our environment because Sullivan J Photography donates some of our profits to the Sierra Club.

If you purchase this image, reply below and I’ll connect with you, giving you a special gift to life!

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