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I’m so excited to announce that I started a Professional Macro & Close-up Photography group on Facebook. It’s not just for professionals, but I do want to encourage serious macro and close-up photographer lovers to join. I decided to make it a private group that focuses on helping others while they work on images before they put them out to the public.

We kind of do this in The Arcanum, but it’s definitely more detailed with one-on-one critiques, hangouts and much more. I wanted to share a small part of what we do in the new group. We have some awesome admins in the group that totally understand what I’m going for, so please feel free to join. We would love to see you there. I just started the group on Sunday, so it’s a newbie idea that I hope will take off.

Below is one of my latest images that I shared in our new group.   Can you guess what it is? Don’t cheat and look at the name of it. 🙂  I processed the image with a variety of tools, but what I like the most is the color overlays used in Topaz Texture Effects.

0.3 sec @ f4.5 ISO 100 Macro 100mm 2.8

0.3 sec @ f4.5 ISO 100 Macro 100mm 2.8



Have a great day and hope to see you soon in our new Professional Macro & Close-up Photography Facebook group!



Janice Sullivan

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