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Photography Roadmap Webinar Replay


Are you feeling like you’re in a slump or just want to push your photography to the next level?

If so…this webinar, “Your photography roadmap” will level up your skills will help you with your photography journey.   This is how I made my photography stand out from among the sea of photographs out there.

photography road map, sjp road map
Photography Road Map

Get Ready to take notes! I cover a lot in an hour.

You may be in a different part of your photo journey but it’s good to understand a path.  If you follow a path you will be able to focus and use your time wisely to level up your skills and focus on what you want within your creations.

Your Journey

  • Learning Stage
  • Portfolio Stage
  • Business Stage
  • Pushing Comfort Zone
  • Growing Stage

A bit about me…

I’m a late bloomer…I never had a camera in my hands until college and I was older than most students 🙂

But I did work hard.  I would get up at 4am to work on my business then go to my full-time job, come home and have dinner with the family, then back to working on the business from 6pm – 10pm.

Because of my love for photographing I’ve been featured in:

  • Outdoor Photographer
  • Top Photographer on Shotkit
  • Picture Correct
  • Popular Photography
  • Farmboy Fine Arts
  • Nik
  • Viewbug
  • Feedspot
  • VoyageLA

And… has been on the”Top Macro Photography blogs/websites to follow for 2018 and 2019.

My work is in the hospitality industry in the United States and in Canada.

I have worked with magazine photo editors, art buyers, interior designers and license my images with art printing companies.  My work is on Enlive Smart TV app on Google TV, Samsung Smart Hub Yahoo TV and ROKU devices which is available to 91 million Internet streaming devices.

I have taught at and I’m a Master Photographer at The Arcanum mentoring Fine Art Macro and Landscape photographers.

My daughter and I run a membership program to help Macro, Nature, and Landscape Photographers using our photography Road Map.

I also have been in photography art shows and through all of this plus more I haven’t mentioned…I know how hard it is to be noticed within the sea of other photographers out there.  I’m here to help you be noticed and to tell YOUR story.

Register for the webinar. Even if you can’t watch the replay now, keep the link address, to watch later.

Being a part of your membership group is so much fun and I‘m learning a bunch! Thank you, Janice and Ashley.

Catherine Costolo

Janice Sullivan did a tremendous job helping improve my skills as a photographer. She is a great motivator!! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their photography skills!

Allan Guzak

You're the best! Janice, your work is so inspiring! In the time I’ve been working with you I’ve learned more than I ever imagined - about photography, but also about the fun of exploring and the joy of sharing. You have literally changed my life with your talent & generosity.

Jeri Mearns

Because of the macro focus, I have learned so many valuable skills in the area of not only product photography but also tips and tricks for using my DSLR camera. Through the super supportive Facebook group and Janice’s truly amazing live calls, I have discovered that I CAN take my own professional product photos.

Julie Miller

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