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Dancing Daisy Painting

by Janice Sullivan

beautiful flower image on sale on thirty9

Is this a flower or a flamingo? This swirling feathery dance is a blur of movement and passion.

Short Artist Statement

“Macro Lens Painting” is a series of photographs, photographed by Janice Sullivan.  These works stimulate the senses with color and friction. Using her macro lens as her paintbrush, she conveys her adoration of the flower.

I wanted to let you know my statement before I really dive into this particular piece.  I absolutely love flowers and you probably do too?  For some reason, we’re drawn to them.  If you know the reason, let me know in the comments because I haven’t researched this yet 🙂

I had been photographing flowers since I picked up a camera.  Well, I get bored very easily so my mind started going like it always does, hahaha.  I thought, how can I photograph flowers with motion?  I played and played until I found it… the story of my adoration and feeling of flowers.

This is what I did… So I took my macro lens and got close to the flowers and slowed my shutter speed and painted the form of the flower.  I had a lot of misses, but I knew I was on to something.  Finally, I was, YES…this is IT!  I played and played and was happy…but then… I got bored again, so I began to dive even deeper into the actual flower.  How did I feel about a particular flower? This brings me to my “Dancing Daisy Painting”.

When I photographed this beautiful vibrant gerbera daisy upside down, it reminded me of a ballet dancer.   So elegant and graceful. The petals give us the feeling of tulle fabric gently moving with a dance.  Of course, you can feel differently about this work, but that is why I made it.  Are you stimulated, do you feel the elegant friction?  I do 😉

This would be a beautiful piece in one of the elegant spaces in your home or office. Print on acrylic glass for the diamond effect or the modern metal to keep the colors popping and it’s scratch-resistant.

If you purchase this image, let me know and I’ll send you a special gift from me, xoxo.

Cheers to elegance,

Janice Sullivan


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