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The Squirrel Syndrome is Real

I’m excited to announce that I’m having a free master class to help Macro and Landscape photographers remove the Squirrel Syndrome.  What is this syndrome?  Well, it’s a real problem for many of us that love to photograph but are stagnent because we’re not sure what we want next with our work.

Yes, I have it!  BUT, I’ve been through therapy and now control it, lol!  Ok, I didn’t pay for therapy, but I do know how to control it.  It’s a habit that is hard to kill, BUT you can do it with some help.  This is my goal in life to help you because I don’t want you to be in this place…it’s not fun at all!

It’s work! If you feel you’re up to hard work, join me on this webinar.

Why am I the one to teach you?

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I am not going to promise you that you’re going to make millions on your work.  I am going to promise you that if you take this free Master Class and work from my strategy, you WILL accomplish your goals!  I have set hard goals and have checked them off my list.   These are some of my favorite goals:

  • Our website has made the top 20 sites/blogs to follow in 2018 & 2019.
  • I made the cover of Outdoor Photographer
  • I have sold my work to Art Buyers for thousands, yes – I said thousands of dollars!
  • My work has been on internet streaming devices to reach 91 million people.
  • I’m a Top Photographer on ShopKit – Camera gear of the worlds top photographers.
  • I’ve had my work exibited in the White House.
  • I was a Master Photographer in the Arcanum
  • Have a Membership Program with amazing photographers in the group.

I’m not trying to brag —  I just want you to see that I’m a squirrel, but when I really focus on a goal I go for it!

I’ve realized that I’m here on the planet to help you.  It’s the best feeling to work with photographers that really want to push and complete goals but need some help because they’re stuck.  Been there, done that and I DO NOT want you to feel frustrated and uncertain about what to do next.

Are you ready? Then let’s Rock and Roll!

Join Us Live

Only Live attendies will be allegible for a special bonus!

We understand that our Master Class may not be compatible with your time frame.  If you signup ASAP to the webinar and can’t make the call.  Just send us an email after you’ve watched the Master Class and let us know the secret code.

We’ll let you have the bonus 🙂  Click below now…

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Remove the Squirrel.

Learn to set your photography goals and accomplish them.

Take Your Photography To New Heights

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