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Story Behind the Hawaiian Drops

Hawaiian Drops for sale

Drops of life.

We are drawn to water!  Notice it next time you’re around it… pay attention to your senses. Maybe it’s because water is life for us? There are many technical reasons that we could dive into about why we are drawn to water, but I want to add a bit more to this story of my Hawaiian waterdrops.

I had a live workshop for our members on focus stacking and decided to do waterdrops refractions.  I had purchased this paper for another workshop we had and was drawn to it.  Kevin and I met in Hawaii, so it’s a special place in our hearts.  Our son was also born in Honolulu.  Yep, Hawaii is where we started our lives together.

We now have been married for thirty-five years and have five grandchildren.  As I see each waterdrop from this image, I see our future… our family, our lineage.

The water of life is this image and if you purchase this piece, know that it’s now a symbol for you and your life.

“Water drops over a blurred background. A showcase in spontaneous pattern and beautiful Hawaiian colors.”

Life is spontaneous no matter how much you try to control it.  Hawaii started ours together… you may not have a partner but you do have family and friends that are special to you.  I hope this piece helps you to remember everyone that has touched your life.

This image is for sale on Thirty9.  Know that when you purchase one of my images here, you’ll have top quality and a guarantee that you’ll be happy with.  Also, if you purchase this image, reply below or email me at and I’ll connect with you, giving you a special gift to life!


Janice Sullivan


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