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Reflections are soooo good!

This is a great time to go through a review of your business and/or creative adventure for the year.

By doing this, we get to see what worked and what didn’t to improve in the upcoming year.

Exposure Time: 3 F-Number: 11 ISO: 100

One of our main goals was to build a loyal community that understands the power of photography and that it DOES make a difference!  

Because you, as a photographer, put your heart and your soul into your work… know that you’re valued.

Through your comments, messages, and every time you connect with us at Sullivan J Photography, we feel that we are making a difference.

Exposure Time: 1/750 HDR F-Number: 6.7 ISO: 200

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

You truly keep us motivated to give you the best content to help you accomplish your Macro, Nature, and Landscape photography goals.

Cyber hugs from our hearts for being part of our lives 💖

Exposure Time: HDR F-Number: 8 ISO: 100

I’m excited to be releasing a more straightforward roadmap to help you make 2-3x more money than what you’re making now and create photography that you LOVE and want to share with the world.

Exposure Time: 1/6 F-Number: 2.8 ISO 100

Your 2022 is going to be YOUR year and we’ll be with you every step of the way! If you would like some inpiration for the new year check this blog post out here.


Janice and Team SJP
Pro Photographer & Mentor
The Creative Method Program ®

PS. Our first workshop in The Creative Mentorship Program will be focusing on what you’ve completed in 2021 and to set goals to complete in 2022 so you use your time wisely, giving you more time to photograph.

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