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It’s exciting to announce that I am a Founding Thirty9 Artist! It’s been so hard to keep this a secret! I’ve been working with Thirty9, which is part of the Miller Professional Printing Company, since November.  The site went up this March 🙂

As most of you know, I teach now, so I’m not marketing my photography work as much as my membership, but when I got an email from Jonna asking if I would be interested, I was happy! … but then had the thought “How much do they pay”?  I’m a businesswoman and know throughout the years how companies rip us photographers off.  Yes, I realize they have marketing costs, etc…but 10 to 15%, come on!

When Jonna told me that they pay their photographers 50% and plan to have a gateway where we can connect to the buyers, I was all over it!  There are 2 ways to build on what you love to do. Thank the people who purchase your work and give them some love with a bonus or discount.

Thirty9 is a wonderful company that respects the photographer and our craft. I know they are looking for more photographers, so if you feel that your work is the right fit for the company, go for it.  Apply here.  If you’re not accepted, it’s ok… you can join my membership program and I’ll work with you to help improve your skills with our Photography Road Map.  To read more about the membership click here. 

Here are some of my favs that are for sale on Thirty9.

pink rose, delicate flowers, water, rose,

Pink rose flood. This is special because they are flowers from my daughter’s baby shower.

motion blur, daisy, macro

Daisy Macro Lens Paintings can never be recreated. It’s a one time shot.

joshua tree, sunset, desert

Joshua Tree Sunset – We saw the sun’s color and stopped so I could shoot the tree.  I only had a matter of minutes to grab this shot.

indian ruin, sedona, arizona

Indian Ruin Pano. Kevin and I hiked up this huge ridge to get this shot.  We only knew about this place because of a local.

anniversary rose, red rose, rose, water,

My special anniversary Rose Flood.

Remember that you work hard on your photography, so make sure the companies you collaborate with respect you.  Have questions?  Ask below.


Janice Sullivan

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