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Our Business is Evolving

You may have seen changes happening with myself and my businesses?

Let me give you the lowdown.

In April, Kevin and I sold our house where we raised our children, lived there for over 30 years, and bought an Entegra Class A coach motorhome.

Janice Sullivan's entegra coach motorhome where she travels the united state to photograph.

One of my big-picture goals was to photograph the United States.

This country is absolutely beautiful.

Plus, I feel that when we share our 1000 words, we should have a reason to express ourselves and inspire others who view our work.

wild poppy flower with a cute bug filled with pollen on it
Wild California Poppy

You know that macro and landscape are so important to me, so I can share with the world that no matter how small something is, we must conserve and take care of it.

aspen grove southern california
After the fire of 2015, the state of California opened up this hike in Southern California in 2021.

The landscapes are the grand part of showing the beauty of this world.

I have taught photographers for years to express themselves. I still do now…

But we decided to break up Sullivan J Photography and keep it only as a photography business to spread the word of conservation and protection of this beautiful planet.

We’ve started our second business, The Photography Creative Coach.

This is where we teach photographers to express themselves and monetize their work to set big picture goals and complete them.

I know I can help you because I’ve completed so many of my BIG Picture Goals.

If you’re interested in that, look at the new website HERE.

The Photography Creative Coach
LLC Photography Creative Coach

Look out here where I’ll share my travels and what’s interesting that I have found, and the places Kevin and I have been to.

I’m also researching nonprofits that are mainly involved with conservation and will be donated to that nonprofit.

So if you have suggestions for us. Let us know in the comments below, or just send us an email using the Contact tab.

See you next week,

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