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Janice shares how she starts post-processing from start to finish.

Hey macro photographers!

This software has never made post-processing your photos THIS easy!

Watch this tutorial on ON1 Photo Raw: My Post Processing for Macro Photographers where I show you how I work from start to finish. In this how-to, you’ll see and learn what I do and how to MAKE an image using On1 Photo Raw.

I’ll also share with you my photography advice, post-processing tricks, and post-processing techniques on the best post-processing software for macro photographers.

Yep, it’s my favorite software program to make work that I love and I’m proud to share with the world.

Happy photographing! 📸💖

Remember, your 1000 words DOES make a difference!


Janice Sullivan

P.S. If you LOVE ALL THINGS MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY, then this is the place for you to ask questions and be inspired… I may just make a video for you 🙂

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