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This is my latest video on how to install and remove plugins in Adobe Lightroom.  I also talk about a couple of other goodies too 🙂

This week went by fast!  I’m working on a couple of projects and will share them with you later.  My husband is from Boston so we are glued to the World Series games 🙂 To support the Red Sox and my red nails (for Halloween) I’ll share a couple of my red photographs with you all.

Soap bubbles

 (janice sullivan)





closeup of a water drop on a petal (Janice Sullivan, SJP)


Another water drop

 (Janice Sullivan, SJP)


Anniversary Rose

Red rose with a soft feel to it.  Processed in photoshop with 4 photographs.  An elegant and romantic macro image. (Janice Sullivan, SJP)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Janice Sullivan
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