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Add Lightroom Preset to Your Work for Creativity

When you feel a bit stuck on what to do with your images once you’ve loaded them into your computer, do yourself a favor and play with presets.

Grab 8 of my favorite presets and…  Enjoy! 🙂

Presets are ways to change up your work globally (meaning the whole image).  Even if you don’t like the presets, it will show you the different ways that your work can feel and look.  It starts your creative juices flowing.

The Quick Dive video shares how to upload your presets to Lightroom with a couple of examples.  I know it will help you push your work to the next level…so let’s get to it 😉

A lot of people give them for free if you join their email list, so if you haven’t grabbed some of should go for it. You can join our membership group and get my Presets plus waaaaay more goodies to enhance your work. 


Here are a couple of before and afters that I had fun with.

Dehaze That Shadow Preset

Zion without a preset zion with preset

Brighten It Up Preset

no preset used on utah image utah image processed with janice sullivans preset

Don’t forget to Grab 8 of my favorite presets here!


Have questions? Feel free to ask and if you’re up to it, share this with someone you feel it will help…that would be awesome!


Janice Sullivan

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