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Today we’ll dive into the INTERMEDIATE tools for Helicon Focus, so you can make, beautiful, world-class photography that you’re proud to share with the world.

This video is for you that already understand the program but we’re gonna take you to the next level. So let’s get to it! Make sure to open the video below! 🙂

In the video above, you’ll see the images in red, those are the ones I’m going to stack. I’ll be in Lightroom but just a real quick refresher on stacking for Helicon Focus – the best way to actually photograph is when your subject is the closest to your lens.

You take that photograph first and then you continually take one right after another, and making sure that you have at least one part of a section that is in focus on both images that you’re continually shooting.

If you can’t understand this yet and you haven’t seen my last video on the BEGINNER basics of Helicon Focus, then please check down below because you should watch that first before going beyond this INTERMEDIATE video.

I also have a blog post on focus stacking 📸  Check out that post too if you’re a newbie.

I explain everything there. Here’s the Beginner video:

Now, back to the INTERMEDIATE video for Helicon Focus, you will see that I will be rendering each image. I will be rendering with method A, B and C and I’ll explain all of that in the video but just to let you know – you should really be on manual mode.

Use your shutter release or timer so you don’t move your actual camera when you’re focusing macro. It’s really good to lock your mirror.

I will also share with you how to use several rendered stacked images as source files. A lot of the times I feel that a particular method will work well with the soft areas of my image and another method will work better with the detailed areas.

In my focus stack, what I like to do is actually take the rendered stacks and merge those together and I will show you exactly how to do this.

I also teach you more on:

Large file batch stacking, “Batch Stacking” in Lightroom. I will also teach you how to easily fix mis-alignments post stacking!

It is absolutely amazing to do focus stacking! If you would like to try Helicon Focus click here.

Have questions?  Ask below or on Youtube 🙂



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