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Transform Your Images to Boring to Spectacular

Before Post Work

Macro’s photos that’s flat and lifeless. They just don’t capture the beauty you’re seeing.

before post processing in 10 minutes after post processing in 10 minutes
After Post Work

Create Macro Photography’s beauty that you saw when you pushed the shutter button

Post-Processing in 10 minutes

You can make your images pop in just 10 minutes… This is a baby sunflower that needed a touch-up.  The steps I share with you can work on all of your Macro Photography: -)


after post processing in 10 minutes

Let’s jump into your BASIC Post-Processing in Just 10 MINUTES! This is BEGINNER-friendly.

You DON’T really need Lightroom to post-process! Trust me – WATCH this 10 MINUTE video on BASIC Post-Processing.

After this short video, you’ll learn the how-to’s of post-processing your photos! I’m sharing with you these awesome post-processing BASICS and TIPS starting with what format you should post-process, how to adjust the color of your image to resonate with your CREATIVITY, and how to enhance each detail to PERFECTION with added bonuses for you if you want your pictures to look more PRO.

FYI… I’ve got a POST-PROCESSING WORKSHOP where I go into more detail for you! I want to help you to be able to tell YOUR story as vividly as possible.  You can check out this workshop and all my other workshops HERE.


00:00 | Basic Post Processing in just ten minutes

00:32 | RAW vs JPEG tip

01:33 | Start your post-processing

01:48 | Fixing your optics and flatten your image

03:22 | Focusing on the color of your image

05:20 | Enhance your image (texture, clarity, dehaze, vibrance, saturation)

07:14 | Using the Effect Tool

07:50 | BONUS detail for perfection!

11:21 | Before & After

11:33 | Post-Processing Workshop

Basic Post Processing in 10 minutes number 1

Fix your optics and get ready for processing...

Fix Camera Optics

To begin, tick off your camera and lens profile in the Enable Lens Correction and tick Remove Chromatic Aberration. (The video has details.)

Flattening the Light

You'll also want to flatten the light in your image so you can really get into post-work later. Make sure you don't have dramatic shadows or very bright areas in the picture.

color and effect tool in lightroom

Time to play with the color of the image and what effects you would like...


To easily fix color you can use the picker and click on an area that is black or white or neutral. If you want to be creative move the color picker around the image to see what the picture will look like... or you can easily use the sliders.


In the effects area, you can add a variety of ways to enhance your image depending on what you're going for.

lightroom details to pos process

To finalize your work add a bit of Sharpening and use the Selective Tools to tell your story.

Sharpen Your Image

Sharpening the image just a bit will give your work a crisp clean feeling.

Selective Process

When you use tools to selectively change areas in your image, you'll make the work yours.


After you’ve worked on these steps give yourself a day to remove yourself from the work. Trust me on this…

I always see my work with fresh eyes and feelings after I’ve removed myself from the computer for a bit.

I’m here for you… just ask questions below.

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