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One of my favorite tools is the flashlight, yep!  They are great for Macro work.  There are so many fun flashlights out there for you to choose from. I personally use Streamlights but if you feel that they are too expensive try Maglites, see below: the mini is wonderful for macro work, click on the photo for a better look.

mag lights

Remember, if you’re photographing in RAW format you can manipulate the white balance and change the color of your picture. If you want to have your photo true to life then so be it, or if you’re looking for a more dramatic look then play with your white balance. For more technical info on color temperature click here.   I highly recommend that you do read these articles because it will help you understand the tech side of lighting.



With the photograph above I am holding the flashlight above and to the right of my camera. Look at your camera’s exposure level the first time you use your flashlight and adjust the f-stop & shutter speed to achieve the correct exposure.  You may need to play with the exposure levels a bit depending on how close/intense the light is to the subject. On the images below I used my studio lights.


Young Magnolia flower image with close up of the stamen and carpels with water drops on the petals. (Janice Sullivan)
pink petals with water drops on black background (Janice Sullivan, SJP)

Another fun thing to shoot is water drops…

I found a wonderful article for you to read up on before you start your macro mode on water drops, just click here to read. If you have only one flash then you will need either continuous lights or strobes for this, the more light the better.  My photographer friend said that you can try this outside with a reflector under your glass tank and a white cardboard behind the tank to achieve a good exposure, but I was in my studio so I used my flash and two hot lights, at least that’s what the lights used to be called before fluorescent light bulbs were around, lol! Ok I used continuous lighting.  First let’s talk about continuous lighting. has information on this.

The kit below is an awesome set! It’s small for macro and all ready for you to work on. The Plexiglas can add some creativity to your shots, you have an instant backdrop and you can also set your lights under table to diffuse the light for more fun creative shots. You can purchase this kit at B & H or you can purchase the equipment individually, if you don’t have the money now for a kit.

And if you like strobes…check out this kit:

To make the picture below, I used my continuous lights on each side of the water shot and used my flash above the drop with a ratio of 3:1. Gordon Mackay has a great article, “Understanding Lighting Ratios” if you want more detailed info on ratios. I also suggest you read your manual that you received when you purchased your flash so you can play with the various ratios. Tooooo much fun playing with water!!

water drop with 3 lights

Water shot: F3.5 @ 1/250

Another excellent book on lighting is by Robert Morrissey, “Master Lighting Guide”, check it out at Amazon.

Today, I talked about my favorite light tool – the flashlight.  Play with them, you’ll have so much fun!! Below is another shot from a flashlight that I like.  Adding light just where I wanted gave this image a soft feel to it. This image was processed in Photoshop with layers, etc…but I’m sure you get what I’m saying and hope this inspires you to use a variety of lighting techniques to play with!

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