Poinsettia Flowers with Textures

I love flowers, and it’s that time of the year to photograph poinsettias and play with textures.  When you sign up for my email you’ll receive free textures.  Even if you don’t like texture on your work…just play with them.  It’s stepping out of the box.

I worked on these flowers in my studio and then had a blast processing a variety of the textures.

poinsettia pop

Poinsettia with textures.

Poinsettia leaf with texture.

Pink poinsettia flower with texture.

Pink Poinsettia with texture.



I watched this video from B&H with Andrew Frank on balancing your life as an Artist. I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with you.

From YouTube:

This presentation tackles the simplest, yet most daunting of problems: most artists cannot survive on their creative practices alone.

Artists often juggle multiple jobs and freelance work — and are still compelled to raise funds for projects. Pressures and obligations of the day-to-day leave little space or energy for creative practice. Andrew Frank has worked through these obstacles and developed both self-diagnostics to pinpoint areas of weakness, and easy exercises to help overcome daily stumbling blocks.

Let’s start the holiday season with some fun textures and because balancing your goals is important, take some time to watch “Balancing your life as an Artist”.

Have a great week and happy holidays to you all!

Janice Sullivan

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