Photography Emotions Do You Feel Them

Do you feel emotion in your photography?

As I work on my images my emotions become apparent.  If I feel structured and focused I’ll work on an image like this chrysanthemum.

Do you feel this too?  You should, because this is how to express what YOU really love and feel in your photography work.



Feeling Structured


You can see below that if I feel like going with the flow and life is what it is, I’ll produce work like the image below.  So just go for it…don’t say to yourself, ‘That’s not what I normally shoot, or what I normally post process with my work’.  How will you grow if you don’t really feel your work?  You won’t… so do me a huge favor….pay attention to your emotions and just go for it.

Feeling your photography work

Feeling of going with the flow.


These are great examples of stepping out of the box and playing with your emotions but what if you want a set portfolio and feel like you just can’t get that going?

Here is a tip for you…

Try putting on your favorite music, make sure it’s the same… Classic, Country, Rock n Roll, Disco?  Did I say Disco, LOL!  Well, if it floats your boat then keep that playlist going every time you work on your images.

This is what I did to make my Macro Lens Paintings and my Flower Floods.  I’m sure it will help you too.  You can also check out my blog post on 10 Tips for Creatives and 5 Creative Macro Techniques if you need a bit of a push for ideas.


Macro Lens Painting

Macro Lens paintings by janice sullivan

Part of my portfolio Macro Lens Paintings.

Flower Flood

one of a series of flower floods by janice sullivan

Flower flood portfolio.

Always feel free to comment…I’d love to know if you listen to music or if you can see your emotions in your work?  And of course a share wouldn’t hurt either 😉  Spread the 1000 words of emotion.

Thanks and Cheers,

Janice Sullivan
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