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Time to be Creative – Understand Continuous Lighting

Today we’re talking about continuous lighting.

When a member of our program asks me questions to help them with a goal, I make videos for them or we have a workshop.  When asked to talk about continuous lighting, it was time for a workshop.  This video is a condensed version of the workshop topics and it’s packed with goodness.  So play and be creative after you check out these tips.

Hi! If this is your first time here…. I’m Janice Sullivan from Sullivan J Photography… where we work to help macro and landscape photographers with their goals and to move them forward in their photography journey.

Don’t have enough light to make the pictures you want or you just want to push your creativity?  If you said yes, then it’s time to play with continuous lighting…

Let’s dive into the tips:

  • Light has different colors, so pay attention to that.
  • The closer you get to your subject, the fewer shadows you’ll have.
  • The farther away the light is, the more shadows you’ll have on and around your subject.
  • Sidelight shares more dimensions.
  • Front light softens the subject.
  • Be careful with Chromatic aboration.
  • Adding two lights can be a lot of fun, so go for it!

There are a couple more tips in the video.  Always feel free to share you work with me in the comment section.  Set some time and play with continuous lighting.  You’ll open up a creative process that’s worth the challenge.


Janice Sullivan

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