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What do you like in life? Think about it and then photograph it or the concept of your passion.

Photography is not only for the visual experience in life, but it can be a documentation of your passions. For example, I love to hike with my husband, but while I’m hiking I really pay attention to details. The rock formation with the rock climber is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I absolutely go crazy over desert flowers growing between rocks. I also love animals so how can I not photograph a desert chipmunk checking us out while we eat lunch? 🙂 And I can’t forget my love of history. Capturing anything with historical value really floats my boat.

These are personal photographs that make ME smile and that is what life is about…the experience! I am a tree hugger because of my passion so I’m affiliated with several conservation groups. I also want others to enjoy what I’ve experienced so I work with the hospitality industry. It’s a good feeling to know that when someone stays in a hotel that they will see my work and feel my passion. Once you see the variety of photographs that you have accumulated, take the next step and figure out what you can do with your passion. See below to get to know me a bit better and think about how you want others to SEE your work 🙂

“Ouch” HDR



Desert Flower growing out of a Rock!

Sullivan J Photography

Our Lunch Friend

Old Gold Mining Equipment


I want you to feel happy too and to photograph what YOU like in life!  Many of us forget to really think about what we really love and make us happy.  Rock it!  You can do it!  Now snap away. 🙂

I’ve told you what I like in my life…now it’s your turn.  I really would love to read what you like in your life


Janice Sullivan


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