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A Year in Review = Happy New Year

It’s time to dive into 12 months prior to seeing what worked for you and what didn’t.  Below is an easy way to get started…

If you want to have subjects to photograph you need to take the time to do these 3 easy steps. I’ll be there with you while we dive into your year and focus on what really needs to be done for a new year. So let’s get to it…

  1. Go through what you’ve done within the last 12 months and write down on paper 😉 what worked out well for you!  Circle the best of the brain dump.
  2. Go through the last 12 months and now write down what didn’t work. Cross out the worst, what you’ll never do again and circle what you need to improve on.
  3. Take all the work you’ve made in the last 12 months and categorize them.  You can use Lightroom… or On1… to help you.

Now you can actually SEE what you need to focus on for the next 12 months to set and accomplish a new year you’ll be happy with!

Have questions?  Ask, don’t just click away.  This is too important for you.



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