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Fall has arrived and for some of us, we will see the beautiful fall foliage images from others and wish we could be there photographing those amazing colors.  Don’t despair. What’s around you? I have deserts I can now play in without getting heatstroke. Think about your location and make it your own fall.

Tree on Watson Lake Arizona photographed after sunset.

Burning Bush – 30s @ f22 ISO 125 100mm

If you just can’t think of any Fall places for you to have fun, then go to your local store and pick up flowers with fall colors and have some fun with them.  Below is one of my “Macro Lens Paintings”. You can learn how I make these pieces here. Just seeing all of the fall photos from other photographers helps give me inspiration, it will help you too.

Foggy Stems – f10 @ 1.5s 100mm Macro Lens ISO 100

In December I’ll have a Live Workshop for our Members on my tips on photographing Landscapes.  You can see more about my workshops here. I plan to talk about seasons and photographing them thinking about the emotion we feel within the work. One of the tips for Fall is paying attention to the COLOR.  Sorry, B&W’ers.  When photographing say to yourself, “Color is #1 so let’s work it”.  Make sure your viewer is not distracted by a bunch of other stuff in the picture.

joshua tree, sunset,

HDR Joshua Tree

Below is a baby pine tree, yes it’s my story because it’s so cute! I used the background colors to enhance it.  The dead pines of Fall bring out the new life of the pine tree.

Fall inspiration

A nice day hiking in our Mountains in the Fall. 1/250 @ f2.5 50mm ISO100

Lens blurring is fun.  Slow down your shutter speed and move the lens while taking the picture.  It was a cold Fall day while hiking around these aspens.  Can you feel it?  I live in Southern California…No Aspens here like Colorado.  Work with what you have in your area.

Fall Motion Blur – 0.7s @ f22 50mm ISO100

Look for dead what if they aren’t maples.  Bring them in and have some fun! Look at its details and share that with us.

fall leaf,

Focus Stacked – f8 10mm Macro Lens ISO 100

Have any Fall tips for us? Share them below.

Have a great day and a happy Fall!


Janice Sullivan

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