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Let’s get Creative with Your Photography.

Today I took a walk into my backyard…

I wanted to share with you my fun and eight essential tips to be creative in your photographs.  The steps are below but watch my fun video so we can be together as I talk to you about how to ‘see’ creatively and jump into your backyard and play :-).

  1. Pick a subject you LOVE
  2. Think two dimensional
  3. Pay attention to texture
  4. Shoot under subjects
  5. Shoot up close to your subjects
  6. Pay attention to light, especially backlighting
  7. Feel your work (subject)
  8. Post-process your work asap

When you upload your images and see them on your computer, try and remember the feeling you had when you shot the work.

If you would like to grab the free Creative Workshop I talked about, you can HERE! 

Have any questions or suggestions, ask below.



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