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Anza Borrego Photo Boo Boo

Kevin and I decided to head out for a road trip to Anza Borrego. I’ve heard about the super bloom in the desert and  I was all over take advantage of the flowers. Kevin grabbed his drone and I grabbed my photography equipment. This was our first trip and being newbies to the place I thought I was so prepared! I researched the park on where the flowers were blooming, but boy did I screw up!   So here are some of my tips before you head out to the desert.

1. Make sure you go over all of your equipment before you leave for your desert photographing fun!

Why is this the first tip of this post?  Because I made a huge boo boo and forgot my plate that attaches to the camera so I couldn’t use my tripod. Yikes…that’s huge when you’re  a macro photographer.  I was so lucky because I had my Gorillapod in my photo bag. Whew!

2.  When packing your equipment don’t say to yourself, “I hardly ever use this so I wont bring it this time”.

I’ve said those words to myself before and I so happy I didn’t listen to myself this trip! My extra tripod what saved the day!

3.  Super bloom news made the park packed.  

The traffic was crazy so I suggest you grab a good app for your phone to check traffic. We found other routes to get into the park and that made our life easier so we could get to flowers instead of being in traffic for hours.

4.  Make sure you have water, food and gas!

Yes, gas is on our list! We didn’t realize how big the park was and our Jeep was running low on gas. We had to drive way out of our way to grab more and there were no flowers on the way. Fuel up before you get  into the park!

5. Don’t beat yourself up for not having the correct photography gear!

Take a deep breath and look to see how you can fix the situation. If all fails and you can’t use your camera take out your phone and take pictures. Maybe it wasn’t what was intended, but you grab what you love and TAKE pictures!


Her are some links to help you get ready for your photograph adventure:

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I’d love to know what you’re photography boo boo has been! What did you end up doing to fix the problem?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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