Learning Photography – A Never Ending Story.

Learn Photography – Your Never Ending Story.

“As I was walking with the Hubby, I noticed tons of Magnolia seeds all over.  I knew this would be fun photographing close-up, so I connected my 100 mm Macro lens on my camera, set up the tripod, and shot away.”

I wrote this on my blog years ago….

There are a lot of photographers that don’t like to mess with a blog or have an email list.  If that’s you, you are missing out! Blogs are beautiful journals to timestamp your photography journey because one of the best things about photography is that it’s a never-ending story.  

Listen, I know you, it’s SO much fun to photograph and post-process your work. So who has time to write about it?  You do!  You don’t need to write much, just give your readers the jist of it and remember it’s your story that you’ll share with others.

It’s time to think about your work and share it with the world.  I’ve written about not being a snapshooter, but when you’re first starting off photographing, go for it! Snap away.

After you’re comfortable and you have the desire to move forward, here is a blog post I wrote that will help you move forward with your Macro Photography and here is a quick tip for Landscape photographers who would like to take your work forward.

When you first start a blog, don’t stress about it.  Just share your work and the stories that go with them.  Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, then it will be time to move forward. I once had a guest post write an article on how to start a blog…. when you’re serious and want to dive in, read his article here.

Yes, our membership program not only focuses on continued learning, but we also work on the business side and how to talk to your readers is one of our monthly challenges.  So follow the road of learning… it’s a never-ending adventure.


Janice Sullivan


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Fyi…below is a comment made by Frank several years ago.  His work is beautiful and we now have become cyber friends.  You can find him here. 

Frank:  What an awesome shot. I generally prefer warm tones, but I love your cool interpretation here. Definitely makes me think of winter, too. And cold! I don’t know much about magnolia seeds, except that they are small, so I really have no idea what all I’m looking at in the frame, but i do know that i like it. Kudos for a lovely shot.

Janice Sullivan

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Janice Sullivan is a Fine Art Photographer who specializes in Macro, Landscape Imagery.When Janice isn’t out photographing, she is working on her membership program.Janice’s work has been published in a variety of publications and has her work in hotels and restaurants around the United States and Canada.

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