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Let’s talk about the Rule of Thirds?

The Rule of Thirds is one to the best rule of composition to use when you’re not sure about how to work the composition in a subject.

I get tons of questions on how to set up a composition in a Macro photograph. The first thing you should do is look at your subject and pay attention to what you like about it…

Now, if it’s a busy Macro (stuff all over the place) then it’s time to play in post-production. At least, that’s what I do so you can really see what I want you to see.

Try this…

In the video, I ended up cropping the image.  Back in the days, I would have cringed to do that but we have amazing software now that you can use to enlarge your image file without damaging them…

On1 Resize

Topaz Gigapixel

about page, dandelion

Macro of part of a dandelion with water drop and green background

White wild desert flower with soft background.

Image used on Platform Overload. Sharing what I like to photograph and why.

Anza Borrego Wild Flower

If you would like more details on Composition, check out this awesome post here… it’s a great write up by our guest photographer Jaymes.



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