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It’s time for you to Learn the Basics of Focus Stacking

Every Tuesday, I join our professional Macro Photography Facebook Group to answer questions live for the members. 📸

We started getting into the conversation about water drops. Lynne had said she’d like to take a class. And I told her that I have a couple of videos on my YouTube channel on water drop refractions.

So after I gave her those videos, I asked her if she knew how to focus stack. And she said, not yet.

I went to my website, researched, and realized that I never put up my Basic Focus Stacking Series 😧

So with that said, I have three videos for those of you who would like to learn how to begin the new journey of focus stacking.

This is where you take several shots that are in focus and merge them together. So you have your main subject all in focus.

As you get closer to your subjects, you have less focus. It’s all technical, but just know that your camera can’t handle getting up close like that.

It is easier said than done.

Video 1 – Shooting Your Stack

Video 2 – Using Photoshop To Stack Images

Video 3 – Post- Processing Your Macro Stacked Image

And it takes practice. But if you’re an adventure and want to move forward. I highly recommend you working on focus stacking for an entire month. And of course, ask questions below. Or in my YouTube channel.


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