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Let’s Have Some Fun with Sunflowers

Today you’ll join me in an adventure with Sunflowers with a bonus at the end of the video so when you put your photography files into your computer, you’ll be able to smile 🙂

This is where we picked our flowers: Pumpkin Station 13421 Highland Valley Rd, San Diego, CA 92128

To grab the freebie for a short time CLICK HERE

Some of the fun below:

fall 2020 with a variety of pumkins

Cute variety of pumpkins to purchase.


the boys on pumpkins in a pumpkin patch

Interesting times… we had to wear a mask because of Covid


sunflowers just picked from a farm california

Wowza they’re gorgeous!

sunflower petals looking like flames

My Flames 🙂


To watch the show I was talking about CLICK HERE

There are many Sunflower farms here in Southern California… just Google and join the fun!


Janice Sullivan

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  • Derek Bond says:

    Wow some of those pumpkins are just calling out to me for my cooking skills as they are one of my favorite veggies
    Liked the short vidio as well and was taken with the flat base you use for close up work as i use a small velbon whos legs will straiting right out i find it very helpfull
    Have set my reminder for the next show my time will be 0700hrs friday morning till then take care stay safe

  • Hi Derek, I’m glad you liked the video. I love pumpkin too yummy! Our next show will be fun we’re having Anne Belmont on the Macro Chat Live Show 🙂

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