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I’ve gotten so many questions about Helicon Remote. So what is it?  It works with Helicon Focus, which is a focus stacking software to help you get more infocus with your macro photography.

So I’m going to talk about the basics with you in the video below, make sure to check it out!

You’re here because you either purchased Helicon Remote or have seen it in Helicon Focus.

The reason why we need this type of software is because at this moment our cameras cannot handle a variety of focus areas in the frame, even in landscape photography I’ve used stacked images to get my foreground, middle ground and background all in one focused image.

With that said, Helicon Remote is really awesome when you use it indoors! You can use it on your laptop and you hook it up to your camera so you can take pictures and then merge them all together.

There’s also an app for Helicon Remote so you could take it outdoors which is really cool!

To start, you can download your free helicon remote on their website to try for 30 days. I made it easy for you, just click here to download your free trial and watch these two videos to know the basics!

You can check them out here below if you’re interested on how to focus stack your images. These programs will help you take several images and put them together to make a beautiful in focused picture.

If you have questions just ask below or on the youtube video… if you would like to dive into Helicon Focus, check out this intermediate post here.

I’m here for you!!



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