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Handholding Focus Stacking and On1 PhotoRaw

Recently my grandchildren were watching Micael Widell’s videos (they love his bug shots).

One of the videos they were watching was his hand-holding focus stacking in Photoshop video…

So I want to share with you how he did this and how to processed the work in On1 Photo Raw.

Check out this video on ‘How Micael Widell achieved Macro Photography Handheld Focus Stacking – with my On1 software stack here.

You’ll learn some excellent tips on how Micael Widell and Janice Sullivan (that’s me) handhold photographing focus stacks (this means using no tripod)…

And how I share the steps on how to merge the photographs together using On1 Photo Raw.

Did you know that Micael Widell was on the Macro Chat Live Show? We had a blast diving into Micael and his work… if you would like to watch that show, you can here

To grab some great details on focus stacking, I have a Helicon Focus video and a Zerene Stacker video that really gives you some details about focus stacking. Check out the videos below.

Let me know the best tips so far that you’ve received.  🙌

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Always remember that your thousand words DOES make a difference. Cheers!

Janice Sullivan

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