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It’s time to Back Light Your Fruit and Photograph Them…

This is an updated post to inspire you to photograph fruit with backlighting. Why? Because it’s soooo much fun!

When I look at the fruit, I see the texture, and when you backlight a thin slice of fruit, you’ll really know what I’m talking about.

So let’s inspire you to have some fun too…

kiwi fruit, macro photography

Photographing fruit with backlight.

I used my 100mm macro lens and my Canon extension tube on my camera and locked my mirror so I wouldn’t have much shake to the camera. This helps you make sharp images.

Watch this video to see details on backlighting fruit.

Just some important reminders…

Position your fruit on a flat surface and make sure your lens is directly over your subject. You won’t have much depth-of-field problems (what’s in focus and what is not in focus) the closer you get to the fruit.

Play with your lighting before you actually begin to photograph to really see how the light enhances your fruit’s texture.

If you want to play in post-processing, I recommend shooting in RAW format. 

This is the older video I made, and I feel it really shows you my camera set up.

Have questions ask below or on Youtube 🙂 I’m here for you!



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