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In the last post I shared 10 inspirations to get you motivated to photograph macro & close-up!   If you’re looking for creative ideas, here is my favorite Macro Photographing techniques.

01.  Play with your F-stop

Change up your aperture. You’ll be surprised by what the depth of field (DOF)  will be compared to f2.8 to f22 to a Macro image.

Shot at f3.2


Shot at f19


02. Try New Perspectives

Shoot on top, below to the side, behind….Move that lens around!

Back of a Daisy


03.  Focus Stack

One of my favorite ways to photograph is focus stacking! You take several in focus images (f8 is a good start) overlapping what’s in focus and merge them together.  It’s a blast seeing your subject become one in focus it’s like POW, your mind is amazed to see the result! Photoshop, Helicon & Zerene Stacker can help you out with the merge.

Daisy plexi

To get the drops in focus in the front and back this needed to be stacked.


04. Rule of Thirds

I have a video on this if you want to check it out. Trust me, this rule works… be creative and photograph on all intersecting areas to see what you like. Basically the rule of thirds is a hashtag on top of your image and you set your focal point (main subjects) on the intersections.

Bottom right where the the petals begin lines up on a third.


05. Back Lighting

Macro back-light is really exciting…especially when you focus on leaves and flowers. You can see the details in the life of the subject.  Here is a behind the scenes video I did on my iPhone…fun! fun!

This is a Lemon sliced really thin.


These five tips will give you plenty of fun images that you’ll be proud of. I would LOVE to see your favorite macro techniques shared in the comment section.


Cheers to macro techniques!

Janice Sullivan

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