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I always appreciate finding inspirational ideas to get me excited again while I play with my camera and macro lens. I want to share with you my favorite 10 tips to get you to take out your camera and get up close & personal with it. Here are my 10 ideas to find macro subjects.

1.  Look in Your Kitchen

This is an awesome place to find Macro subjects. You have food, liquids and utensils just waiting for you to grab and photograph!

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers



2.  Water Droplets on Glass

You can add oil or soap to create fun droplets and/or put something funky under the glass to draw attention into the drops.

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Oil & Water with pink fabric below glass.


 3.  Come up with a Theme

Texture is one of the best themes for macro, but any theme will do. Liquids are fun too!

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Flower Flood Theme – Didn’t make the calendar, but I like it 😉


 4.  Check out Your Car or Find Rust

Cars have very cool lines when you get up close to them and if you have or find an old rusty car…woot! You’ll have a blast with a variety of rust texture to play with!

Rusty Train I found in a Museum.


5.  Play with Lighting

Oh wow you can have fun with lighting… light painting is fun! Take your subject in a dark room and paint your subject with a flashlight.

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Light with a flashlight.


 6.  Ordinary Objects

I’ve shot lightbulbs,  pencils, buttons…look for goodies that have amazing patterns, colors, shapes and lines.

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Hair Gel


 7.  Google Your Favorite Subjects

Once you find a subject…Google it. This will give you ideas and plus you can make sure your work is different from the norm.


 8.  Look for Complimentary Colors

While you’re thinking about what to photograph pay attention to color.  You’ll be amazed by subjects that compliment each other. On the color wheel the opposite colors from each other are called complimentary. They work awesome in photographs. If you want to read up on Color Theory. Go for it…knowledge is power…color power!


Orange and Blue – Red and Green…etc… attract our eyes.


09.  Go outside in Your Yard

You don’t have to go far to photograph macro. Grass, weeds, flowers, rocks…I can keep going. Just walk around slowly with your lens and look at everything.  You’ll find a whole new world, I promise!

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Cactus in my backyard.


10.  Have Fun

Yes! Get up close and personal with your subject and photograph it moving that lens all around to see what interests YOU!  Make it a fun project…a fun time to create.


Cheers to finding macro inspiration! If you have an idea for us, I’d love it if you shared it in the comment section!

Janice Sullivan

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