Micael Widel on The Macro Live Chat Show Thursday, October 3rd @ 5pm Pacific

Yes! We’re having the amazing Micael Widell on the Macro Photography Live Chat show! 


Micael has 28.4K subscribers on Youtube, 9,492 followers on Instagram and 10,234 followers on 500px!

And…. he keeps in touch with his followers by comments and just plan nicenest!  He LOVES to help others and you can see it in his social plateforms.  Be inspired and join me on this amazing premiere!


Ask him questions and chat with the other live Macro lovers.

It’s a fun time to chat with others who love Close-up, Macro and Micro photographing!

 🙂 CLICK HERE and then the bell to remind you when we’re on and if you’re excited click on the thumbs up!

If you would like to see our past shows CLICK HERE.

Micael Widel