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Macro Photography Live Chat Show 71 – Stewart Wood

You’re invited to join us on “The Macro Photography Chat Live Show”! This is where we chat with you on Close-up, Macro, and Microphotography.

If you like to photograph jumping spiders and water refractions then this is the show for you.  Today Janice interviews Stewart Wood.

This is what you’ll learn in this show:

03:15 Live with Stewart Wood started

12:15 Stewart Wood journey to Photography

18:46 Stewarts Spider images

30:00 Post Processing

33:20 Reflective Photography

37:50 Water drops on a copper wire photo

44:35 Tips on Water Drops Photo

45:03 Debbie Leigh Photography

46:40 PortFolio Tips and Photography

50:33 Pieces of equipment

1:00:00 Reference for

1:06:40 End

Feel free to leave a comment of a photographer that you would love to have on the show.  If they’re on I’ll them them know you referred them to me xo



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