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Macro Photography Chat Live Show with Janice Sullivan

Macro Photography Chat Live with Janice

What a fun Macro chat show! It was awesome to see all the great images submitted and I’m happy to share with you my now Platypod from Mitchel’s discount.

You can check all his discounts on the show I had with him below.

This segment is all about grabbing some feedback, the loop part is our challenge for you 🙂 ?

This is what you’ll learn in this show:

04:07 – AD hurt his back so Janice is doing the behind the scenes stuff  :-0  Learn a bit about what Janice likes 😉

08:37 – Janice announces that Stuart Wood will be on the next Macro Photography Chat Live Show

13:00 – About the show and what we planned to do today

15:36 – The party starts with the Feedback Loop from Elise

35:52 – We dive into Baz’s waterdrops and his variety of drops

47:00 – Abstract Macro fun and stacking to get more details in the abstract

51:00 – Janice shares her platopod… woot and her pumpkin tree

57:43 – Back to some feedback loop with Ata’s work… Janice challenges everyone to figure out one of his images.

Feel free to leave a comment of a photographer that you would love to have on the show.  If they’re on I’ll them them know you referred them to me xo



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