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Macro Photography Feedback Loop Chat

Tweet: I shoot Macro so you can see what our eyes can’t see. @sulivanjphotog

This is what you’ll learn:

02:58 – What’s this show about?

06:33 – Learn how to work with Janice to set photo goals and complete them

09: 02 – Ata shot a spider different from what you normally see.  Nice change to spider compositions… we talk about chromatic aboration too.

16:00 – Thinking about creativity and how you would tell your story.

22:08 – If you’re sharing your work to blog tips…

29:00 – The importance of Composition and the rules

36:01 – In the equipment segment we talk about On1 and Topaz which is perfect for Macro photographers when they want to enlarge their image files.

52:32  – We chat about photographing shiny coins. Art used Giggle pixel to enlarge.



We hope you enjoyed the show!  If you like a particular photographer to be on the show then share with us your favs in the comments below.



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