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Macro Live Chat Show #29 –  Critique Time

Time Stamps and Links

After the 3rd try, I got the show to work, finally. I do apologize a lot because I’m so used to having our Producer, A.D Wheeler, handling the back end of things.

Time Stamp

07:12 – Rik Littlefield (developer of Zerene Stacker) will be on our next show.

08:12 – Todd’s question, “Are there some key macro photographers whose work we should know?”

10:45 – John’s question, “What software do you use for photo stacking?” Fix MIC

15:33 – Critique – was the best part hahaha

46:48 – Equipment Zerene was taking so long so I’m going to make a basic video on Zerene and put it up next Thursday. If you’ve never seen Zerene in action please watch that video before thee 25th show. 🙂

52:46 – End the show talking about stacking and getting to know me.

Here are two videos to help you adding texture and making a color mask. How to add Texture to your images:

How to make a color mask:

Photographers Submissions:

Cathy Dutton

Jon Brooks 

Cedric Rajadel

Johnny Truant


Zerene Stacker

I had a few technical issues but all came together after trying again.  Persistence is my middle name, lol! It was so much fun chatting with you all. Thanks so much for the great image submissions for this show and for all who showed up Live. For those of you who watch the show later, you can chat with me via the comment area. 😉

This show is packed with info, so grab your favorite drink and enjoy!  Feel free to leave comments and if there are any Macro Photographers that you love, let me know.  I’ll ask them to be on the show…you never know, they may just say yes.

Our next show is on October 11th with me 🙂

Where to watch the Macro Photography Live Chat Show

Want your image critiqued? Join our Facebook group or check out our Macro Chat Live Show page to submit your questions and images.

Feel free to submit any kind of Close-up, Macro, and Microimage for the show.

Hope to see you there!

Janice Sullivan

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