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9:48- How to submit images to the show
13:17- Sponsor
15:25- Equipment
-Monitor calibration
-X-Rite ColorMunki Smile

-X-Rite ColorMunki Display

-White Balance your Camera – Get those correct colors in camera.

X-Rite CMUNDISMSCCPP ColorMunki Photographer Kit, Black

Datacolor Spyder5EXPRESS – Designed for Hobbyist Photographers

ChromLives White Balance Card 18% Gray Card Grey Card 5″x4″for Video, DSLR and Film Premium Exposure Photography Card Set,Black White and 18% Gray

30:37- Critique- Nelson’s flowers- black velvet for black background
52:36- Becky’s Macro Bugs
1:05:33- Photoshop using textures to change the color of your image
1:11:50- How to submit images and questions for the show

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